I Bought MacBook Pro 13 2019- The story of an university student

I Bought MacBook Pro 13 2019- The story of an university student

Hi, I’m Rick.

Today, I will talk about my purchase of MacBook Pro 13 2019 by taking Apple loan.


My conditions

Generally, when you take a loan, there are many examination items. At the time I took the Apple loan, I couldn’t say that my condition was good for examination.

・Unemployed (University student, working part-time)
・Part-time job income is 700,000 JPY (about 6,500 USD) / year
・Taking an scholarship of 50,000 JPY (about 460 USD) / month
・Alone in an apartment
・20,000 JPY (about 180 USD) of support from my parents / month
・Loan of my iPhone XR remains for 40,000 JPY (about 370 USD) yet
・No credit accidents in the past (including credit card and loan)

Happily I don’t have difficulty in eating every day, but I couldn’t afford to buy MacBook Pro.


Simple procedures

I bought it on Apple Online Store: put it into a bag, set purchasing option as Orico Loan (in Japan), and ordered. It was really easy.

Soon After the order, there is an e-mail of information that my offer arrived to them. So then I waited for information of acceptance of my loan.


How long did it take?

There are many example for purchasing MBP on the Internet and times it takes varies a lot from 15 mins to few days.

In my case (Orico Loan in Japan)
11AM of 2019, 11, 1 —I ordered
11AM of 2019, 11, 2 —They accepted my loan

So, it took just 1 day.

I thought that my offer won’t accepted, and I clicked purchase button in impulse so, more or less, I pray for the reject of my offer. When I noticed that it was accepted, I was happy and sad which means complex feeling.


MBP shipped after 3 Days after acceptance

My offer accepted at the noon of 11/2, and 2 days after that (11/4), the shipment status became “Preparing for shipment”. And the next day (11/5), it was shipped from China then it arrived to me on 11/11.

I took a loan that dividing 210,000 JPY into 24 months which means about 8,500 JPY of payment for a month. 

It was rally long time for me from my order to arrive. I checked for the e-mail of loan acceptance repeatedly just like I did waiting for it from a girl I was interested in at the time of in my school days with feature phones (I mean old mobile phones before smart phones).

Also, I customized MBP into with 16GB of memory, so it took a little longer than no customizes.



An university student like me can take apple loan to buy MacBook Pro. Also, Apple holds the campaign of no interests, so in my case, I could take a loan without interests up to 24 months of division.

Thanks to the loan, I met my MacBook Pro 24 months earlier. This is a REALLY BIG PROFIT!!

I want people particularly university students will refer to my article and buy MacBook.

Thank you for reading.